Today, we’re diving into the fascinating world of the Calculation node, a “Logic” node very useful when our bot needs to perform mathematical operations. 

Step 1: Introducing the Calculation Node 

Kick things off by introducing the Calculation node to your canvas. This step is foundational. 

Step 2: Crafting the Calculation Formula 

Next up, we’re crafting the heart of our node: the calculation formula. Whether you’re linking to existing node variables (initially appearing as ’empty’ because the “Calculation” node is the first one added to our canvas) or manually keying in numbers for operations, this is where your bot begins to tackle math head-on.

Operations at your disposal include: 

– Addition 

– Subtraction 

– Multiplication 

– Division 

The first toggle option is “add to statistics when triggered”. This means that the node is added to the data table in the reporting (with the inserted value). This is useful when you have multiple “ends” of a bot and you want to add that information in the reporting. But in this case, we won’t need it. 

Next, we will toggle “show in front end”. This way we make the result of the calculation node visible in the front end and the “advanced” toggle to explore deeper functionalities.

Here, we can set a range of minimum and maximum values. 

Also, you can select from the “result precision” dropdown how many digits come after a decimal point for your result to be as precise as possible.

Lastly, from the “result rounding” dropdown, we can choose whether the result is “commercial”, “always up” or “always down” for tailored accuracy. 

Step 3: Previewing 

With a click on ‘PREVIEW’, behold your calculation prowess live in action.  

With this node now at your disposal, you can enhance your bots by integrating its calculation capabilities, thus elevating their performance and expanding their functional range. 

Happy calculating with e!

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