Node Connector

In this video, we’ll walk through how to use the “Node Connector” We’ll see how to insert this node within the legal Bots in order to create different decision paths. Let’s start Now.

In order to make the Node Connector work, we first will need a Logic path. 

For a better understanding, we have created a short logic with the possible answers of  “Yes” and “No”. After we added a text field for each path in order to show the message to the user in the front end. Once this is done, we want to continue with the bot and to do that, we need to connect the previous nodes. This is when we add the Connector Node.

Node connector in No-code canvas
Step 1: Add the Connector Node

Click “Node Connector” from your “X” menu and you will immediately see the nodes that you can connect. Just click on the nodes you wish!

Node connector between 2 nodes
Node connector between 2 text fields
Step 2: Move your nodes around the canvas

There is a cool thing that can be done with the Node connector, you can change node’s position around the canvas by connecting and disconnecting nodes.

Let’s see it with an example:

We have 2 logic steps. In the 2nd one, we added a checkbox, however, we want to move it to the 1st path. In order to change its position, we will need to add a Node connector between the logic step 2 and the checkbox and join it with the logical step.  After joining this path, we need to click over the ”paths” icon of the 2nd logical step. And done! Your checkbox has moved from logic step 1 to logic step 2!

Node connector. Checkbox added to a decision tree
Node connector. Moving  a Checkbox from decision paths in canvas
Node connector. Connecting  a Checkbox between decision paths in canvas
Node connector.  Checkbox moved between decision paths in canvas

To leave to the node connector, just click over the X icon of your node and now you will be able to keep building your Legal Bot.

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