Error Messages

The Error Message and Warning feature has been implemented because we understand that creating an efficient Bot is no easy task. This feature keeps you informed of any potential issues and ensures your Bot performs at its best.

Here is a summary of the powerful features you can expect:

Step 1:Automatic Error Detection
This feature monitors the development of your Bot. You can be confident that no mistake will go undetected.

Step 2:Intuitive Warning Messages
When a problem is noticed, an immediate notification will appear in your Canvas. You will be able to see what needs to be fixed and deal with it quickly and successfully.

Step 3:Troubleshooting Suggestions
If you need assistance, don’t worry! Our system offers step-by-step instructions to guide you in resolving errors and getting your Bot back on track.

Step 4:Real-time Feedback
While you work on your Bot, this system will serve as your ever-vigilant guardian, giving you the most recent input, and ensuring you stay informed and in control of your work.

Different Error messages

It’s important to note that our system differentiates between “Errors” and “Warnings.” Errors are critical issues that can compromise your Legal Bot’s functionality. Warnings are informative reminders about something that may need attention. If you prefer to silence warning messages, you can simply toggle the switch.

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