In this video, we’ll see the dashboard and all the information and options you have in your legal bots that will help you to manage your bots easily and get quick visual information! Let’s see what we see here:

Dashboard. Legal bots overview
Step 1: Exploring the ‘Options’ 

In your bot, locate the ‘Options’ column. Here you’ll find the “Number of Nodes” indicating how many nodes are contained within your bot’s tree. Below that, several functions are listed, with a green check icon signifying the functions currently in use.

Legal bots overview zoom of Options Column
Step 2: Understanding ‘Statistics’

Next, move to ‘Statistics’. This shows the frequency of your bot’s use by customers. For a detailed breakdown, click ‘See Data’. To better understand these functionalities, search for our “Statistics tutorial”.

Legal bots overview zoom of Statistics Column
Step 3: Navigating the ‘Actions’ 

The ‘Actions’ column offers a variety of options. Use ‘Share to edit’ to pass the bot to a colleague for further work. To personalize your bot, click ‘Branding’ and customize it with your company’s or client’s logos and colours. To clone an existing bot, choose ‘Duplicate’. To continue work on a bot, select ‘Edit’. Finally, manage your API keys by clicking ‘Manage API Keys’.

Legal bots overview zoom of Actions Column
Step 4: Setting the ‘UI Language’

In the next block, you can set the UI language via a dropdown menu. This determines the language of generic buttons like “previous” and “next” in the front end.

Legal bots overview zoom of UI Language Column
Step 5: ‘Publishing and Sharing a Bot’

If your bot is ready, click on the top left icon and confirm, and a modal will appear with sharing options. 

Legal bots overview zoom of Publishing bots

Click “Restrict access” to share the bot with specific customers by entering their emails, or make your bot publicly available by sharing the ‘Public Link’ or embedding the bot on a site.

Legal bots overview zoom of Publishing bots settings

Lastly, if you want your customers to review their data history in the bot, enable the ‘Show report to user’ switch. Remember, this option is only available for registered users you’ve added.

Legal bots overview Publishing bots  as private
Legal bots overview Published legal bot

This concludes your overview of the e! Dashboard. Explore these features and create some fantastic bots!

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