AI Compliance Check Bot

This AI Compliance Check Bot bot is designed to verify if a company’s name matches any entries in a predefined prohibited list. Let’s get started!  

Step 1: Naming the Bot  

First, let’s give our bot a name and craft a concise description of its purpose.  

Step 2: Adding User Input  

Next, add a “text” node where users can input the name of the company they wish to check for compliance.  

Step 3: Configuring AI Output  

Now, integrate an “AI Output” node. Customize your preferred AI Settings and set default messages like “waiting for input” before triggering and “Checking company…” while processing.  

Crafting prompts is crucial. The “system prompt” sets the context, while the “dynamic prompt” specifies the query for the AI.  

Select the trigger mode as “with dedicated button” to control AI activation. Choose “never” to prevent accidental retriggering and write the button name something like “check company”.  

Step 4: Displaying Results  

Next, include two “text field” nodes. In the first, incorporate the “AI Output” variable by clicking on the “add field input” menu. In the second, provide a brief explanation of the bot’s functionality.  

Now, hit preview, and witness your bot in action!  

Step 5: Testing the Bot  

On the user interface, input the company name, click “check company,” and await the response. Voila! Your AI Compliance Check Bot reveals the answer in seconds.

Happy automating with e! 

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