AI Clause Explanation

Hey there! Today we’re diving into the demo AI Clause Explanation. This tool helps you understand even the trickiest clauses in seconds. 

Step 1: Name Your Masterpiece 

First things first, let’s give your bot a catchy name and a brief description. 

Step 2: Textual Input 

Time to integrate a Text Area node. This lets users paste the clause they want to get explained. This time, on the description we are going to ask the user to paste the clause they want to get explained.   

Step 3: Language Chooser 

Next up, we’ll add a Checkbox node. This lets users pick their preferred language dialect for the explanation.   

Step 4: AI to the Rescue 

Now comes the magic: the AI Output node. First, we are going to select the AI settings, but we’ll leave the default values untouched.  

Here’s where it gets interesting – the prompting! 

In the system prompt, we provide the context to the AI. On the dynamic prompt, we’ll define the question by using the three-dot menu and selecting the variables. 

To wrap up this node, we need to decide when the AI gets triggered. Let’s choose “with a specific button” from the first dropdown menu, from the second one, we will choose “Never” to re-trigger information. Finally, let’s name the trigger button something clear, like “Explain This Clause.” 

Step 5: Unveiling the Explanation 

To display the AI’s explanation on the front end, we’ll add a Text Field node. We can edit this by clicking the three-dot menu and adding the AI Output variable.  

Step 6: See it in Action! 

Ready to test your creation? Hit that “PREVIEW” button! Paste the clause you want explained, choose your language, and click the “Explain This Clause” button and you can enjoy how the AI delivers a clear explanation in a breeze. 

So, there you have it! Now you can explain clauses with ease using the demo AI Clause Explanation. Happy explaining with e! 

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