Input Checkbox

The Checkbox Node is an Input Node that allows users to select options using checkboxes when interacting with the front end of your bot. In this tutorial, we will guide you through customizing the Checkbox Node to suit your requirements. Step 1: Add the Date NodeAdd a Checkbox Node in your bot from the “+” […]


The Annotation Node is excellent for providing users with additional information in the front end. With customizable options for displaying this information, you can create an engaging and informative user experience. In this tutorial, you see the process of setting up an Annotation Node. Step 1: Add a titleYou can enter a title for this […]

Input Number

The Number Node allows you to incorporate an input field in your bot, specifically designed for clients to enter numerical values. In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to add and customize a Number Node in your bot. Step 1: Add the Number NodeTo include a Number Input field in your bot, simply click on […]

Input Email

With the Input Email node, you can add an input field to your bot, where the client needs to enter an email address. In this video, we’ll see how to add an Input Email: Step 1: Add the Email NodeTo add an input email node to your bot, simply click on “email” in the “+” […]

Input Text Area

The Input Text Area allows you to include input variables in your bot, creating input fields where clients can enter the information you require. In this tutorial, we will focus on the text area node, which is ideal for gathering longer text inputs from your clients. Step 1: Add the Text Area NodeTo add an […]

Input Text

The Input Text node is located in the Input Section on the “+” menu, you will find powerful nodes that enable you to add input variables to your bot. These variables are presented as input fields in the front end of your bot, allowing your clients to enter the information you need from them.  In […]

Text Field

The Text Field Node is ideal for providing additional guidance to clients or users of your Bot. The text entered in this node will be shown in the client view of the Bot, precisely at the position where you add the Node. Let’s walk through the process of creating a Text Field Node. Step 1: […]


The Heading Node is straightforward and effective. It will allow you to add Headings to the client view of your Bot. Let’s see how to use this node. Step 1: Input the Heading TextType in the text you want to display as a heading. Step 2: Select the Heading SizeChoose the desired size for your […]


The Section Node is a valuable tool for organizing your Bot in the Canvas and frontend views. By grouping input fields together in a single view, the Section Node simplifies navigation for clients using the Bot, requiring them to click “Next” to proceed through the front end. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the […]