Recognise Image Function (File Upload Node)

Today, we’re excited to introduce the “Recognize Image” feature in the File Upload Node on our “e!” automation platform. Let’s dive into how this cool new tool works. Firstly, the File Upload Node deals with two types of files. One type includes text files like Word documents, CSVs, or PDFs that have been processed for […]

Change of Control Analysis

In this video, we’ll guide you through the process of constructing a legal bot to extract data from contracts. Specifically, we will be targeting the identification of “Change of Control” clause within a given contract. Please note that the materials presented are purely illustrative. Step 1: Setting the FoundationFirst, name your bot and, draft a […]

Manage External Users

Welcome back! In today’s guide, we’re diving into the e! Admin Account settings. We’ll be exploring how to adeptly add, manage, and seamlessly delete External members from your account. Ready to enhance your user management skills? Let’s jump in!  Step 1: Finding Account Options Begin by heading to the left menu. Here, spot the “Account option” […]

Manage Company Members

Hello again! In this video, we’re diving deep into e! Admin Account settings. Here, you’ll discover how to Add, manage and delete members of your company from the account. So, let’s dive in!  Step 1: Navigating to Account Options From the left menu, locate the “Account option” and click on it. This is your gateway to […]

Inbound NDA Analysis

Hello! Today, let’s explore how to use AI for analyzing inbound Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) in Mergers and Acquisitions processes. This is just a demonstration, so the content we’re using is for example purposes only.  Step 1: Setting the Foundation First things first, you’ll want to name your bot and add a description. This is just for […]

Prediction Node

In this video, we’re diving into the advanced capabilities of the “AI Prediction node”. This node is a game-changer for training the e! AI, enabling it to offer predictive answers directly to your clients. Here’s how to harness this powerful feature:  Step 1: Integrating the Prediction Node Start by adding the Prediction node to your bot. […]

CSV file requirements

In this video, we’ll walk you through the crucial steps to create a CSV file that meets the criteria for training AI in legal tech. This guide will help you understand the key aspects to focus on during this process.  Step 1: Downloading the CSV Template  Whether you’re creating a new CSV for your dataset […]

See Data Page

In this video, we’ll guide you through the “See Data Report” page, where you can effortlessly view and manage client-provided data. This tutorial will walk you through each step, ensuring you can tailor this space to your needs and preferences.  Step 1: Configure your Data Visualization  Initially, the ‘See Data’ page might display a message […]

AI Output

In this video, we’ll show you how to use the “AI Output” We’ll see how to insert this node within the legal Bots in order to create your own personalized AI. The information will be based on the data you provide. Let’s start Now. As an example we will build an AI Compliance-Check Bot for […]

AI Chat

In this video, we’ll show you how to use the “AI Chatbot” We’ll see how to insert this node within the legal Bots in order to create a chat based on your desired information. Let’s start Now.   Step 1: Add the AI Chatbot Node Click “AI Chatbot” from your  menu and you will immediately see the […]