Recognise Image Function (File Upload Node)

Today, we’re excited to introduce the “Recognize Image” feature in the File Upload Node on our “e!” automation platform. Let’s dive into how this cool new tool works. Firstly, the File Upload Node deals with two types of files. One type includes text files like Word documents, CSVs, or PDFs that have been processed for […]

Send & Result

The Send and Result Node is essential for saving client input and displaying results. By adding this node to your Bot, your client’s input is saved in the database and made accessible through the Statistics Dashboard. This Node always marks the end of a path in the Bot, and can be used to display results […]


The Annotation Node is excellent for providing users with additional information in the front end. With customizable options for displaying this information, you can create an engaging and informative user experience. In this tutorial, you see the process of setting up an Annotation Node. Step 1: Add the Annotation Node to Your BotClick on the […]

Text Field

The Text Field Node is ideal for providing additional guidance to clients or users of your Bot. The text entered in this node will be shown in the client view of the Bot, precisely at the position where you add the Node. Let’s walk through the process of creating a Text Field Node. Step 1: […]


The Heading Node is straightforward and effective. It will allow you to add Headings to the client view of your Bot. Let’s see how to use this node. Step 1: Input the Heading TextType in the text you want to display as a heading. Step 2: Select the Heading SizeChoose the desired size for your […]


The Section Node is a valuable tool for organizing your Bot in the Canvas and frontend views. By grouping input fields together in a single view, the Section Node simplifies navigation for clients using the Bot, requiring them to click “Next” to proceed through the front end. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the […]

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