See Data Page

In this video, we’ll guide you through the “See Data Report” page, where you can effortlessly view and manage client-provided data. This tutorial will walk you through each step, ensuring you can tailor this space to your needs and preferences.  Step 1: Configure your Data Visualization  Initially, the ‘See Data’ page might display a message […]


In this video, we’ll see the dashboard and all the information and options you have in your legal bots that will help you to manage your bots easily and get quick visual information! Let’s see what we see here: Step 1: Exploring the ‘Options’  In your bot, locate the ‘Options’ column. Here you’ll find the […]

Left Menu

Hi again guys! Welcome to a new tutorial, in this case, “Left Menu” is the star of this video, and we’ll walk through how to use the e! Left menu of your Dashboard. 1) Legal Bots Section: – All: This is your bot library. All the bots you’ve ever made are stored here, both published […]

Top Menu

The Top Menu will allow you to work faster and more efficiently in your Bots. In this tutorial, we will guide you through some essential features that will enhance your e! experience. Step 1: Using the ‘Search Bar’ The Search Bar is a critical component of our user-friendly interface. It’s designed to quickly find bots […]

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