AI Node Creation

Today, we’ll unveil the magic of AI node creation, a time-saving superpower for crafting checkboxes and dropdowns. Ready to become an AI node wizard? Let’s go!  Step 1: Accessing AI Node Creation  Click the “+” icon, just like adding a new node manually and look for the newly added icon on the left register card.  […]


Today, we’re diving into the world of bot evaluations.   These evaluations are like mini explanations, which are visible in the front end and in this case are very useful to show the potential riskiness involved in choosing certain options from checkboxes.  Ready to become an evaluation whiz?   Step 1: Hit “Add New”  This […]


In this tutorial, we will guide you through our user-friendly no-code canvas, designed to help you create Legal Bots with ease. Follow these simple steps to get started. Step 1: Add a New Legal Bot Click on “Add New” in the side menu to create your first Legal Bot. To maximize your workspace, you can […]

Error Messages

The Error Message and Warning feature has been implemented because we understand that creating an efficient Bot is no easy task. This feature keeps you informed of any potential issues and ensures your Bot performs at its best. Here is a summary of the powerful features you can expect: Step 1:Automatic Error DetectionThis feature monitors […]

Copy & Paste nodes

In this tutorial, we will streamline your bot-building process by showing you how to copy, paste, and delete nodes with ease. These actions allow you to manage your bot’s workflow more effectively. Let’s get started. Copy/Paste within the same Bot: Step 1: Copy Individual or Multiple Nodes Select Copy… by clicking the “burger” icon on […]

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