Mehr Tech als Legal” – LegalTech Talk mit Marcus Voss von ASD.DS

In this podcast recorded on a train from Berlin to Frankfurt, Markus Voss, Managing Director of ASD Digital Solutions, shares insights into his career and the role of technology in the legal field with Pascal Di Prima. Marcus, who manages the legal tech subsidiary of ASD, discussed his career path, strategies for technology adoption, and the impact of digital transformation in legal practices.

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What you will learn on this episode:

More tech than legal ” – Legaltech Talk with Marcus Voss

Career Path and Role at ASD Digital Solutions

Marcus entered the legal tech industry through networking and his experience in tech. He worked at HiQ Thomson, now part of Thomson Reuters, and collaborated with Thomas Fischer, a partner at ASD. This relationship led to his current role at ASD Digital Solutions, highlighting the importance of networking and strong client relationships.

Strategic Technology Adoption

Marcus advocates for a “buy to make” approach to technology adoption. This strategy involves acquiring customizable software that allows internal teams to implement solutions without extensive external consulting. Tools like no-code platforms enable legal professionals to create tailored solutions, reducing costs and dependency on external advisors.

Challenges in Technology Integration

Integrating new technologies in law firms is challenging due to lawyers’ risk aversion and reliance on established practices. Marcus emphasizes the need for internal advocacy and tech-savvy allies within the firm to drive adoption. Overcoming these cultural challenges requires demonstrating tangible benefits and efficiencies.

Internal vs. External Clients

Convincing internal and external clients of new technologies involves different approaches. Internally, the focus is on improving efficiency and streamlining processes. Externally, it’s about addressing specific client pain points with tailored solutions. Both scenarios require understanding client needs and presenting technology as a facilitator.

Future of Legaltech and AI

Marcus discusses the future impact of generative AI on the legal profession, expressing cautious optimism. He believes AI will automate routine tasks, allowing lawyers to focus on complex activities, and will transform rather than eliminate legal roles. Marcus envisions new opportunities for tech-savvy professionals, such as legal engineers and data scientists, becoming integral to legal practices.


Markus predictes a shift towards specialized AI models and further market consolidation, with major tech players like Microsoft showing interest in the legal sector. He expresses excitement about digital transformation and its potential to redefine the legal landscape, emphasizing the need for adaptability and continuous learning in this evolving field.

This conversation highlights the intersection of law and technology, demonstrating how legal professionals can leverage digital tools to enhance their practice and better serve clients. As legaltech evolves, leaders like Markus Voss are navigating the challenges and opportunities, driving the transformation of the legal industry.

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