Procurement processes Automation.
Save time and minimize risks

Automate procurement processes to streamline and speed up workflows.

Let e! do the tedious tasks like approvals and PO creation, freeing you to focus on strategic sourcing and supplier partnerships. Minimize risk through standardization without a single line of code. Leverage real-time data for smarter purchasing decisions. Automation empowers your team to save the company money and raise your impact.

How we make your work easier

Automate decisions

Maintain ownership and control over your procurement processes with easy risk scoring and workflow

Third Party Tool Integration

Integrate seamlessly with your existing tools like Office 365, SharePoint, HighQ and others

Make compliance easily accessible

With digital self-service apps, you can ensure procurement standards and policies. Everything tracked and automatically documented

Regulatory Compliance tracking

Track regulatory requirements and automatically audit procurement activities to ensure adherence to laws

We realized that we need a solution that enables us to react to cases quickly. We find e! very interactive and that's one of the key aspects which is important to us.

Transforming Legal Workflows with e!

ASD Digital Unlocks Efficiency with Lexemo's e! Automation

ASD Digital Unlocks Efficiency with Lexemo's e! Automation

ASD Digital’s journey with Lexemo’s e!, driving legal innovation through no-code platforms that streamline client interactions and internal operations
Sidit Streamlines Data Protection with Lexemo's e!

Sidit Streamlines Data Protection with Lexemo's e! Automation tool

Sidit implemented e! to streamline repetitive tasks, automate simple, standardized workflows, and incorporate AI to create intelligent automation.

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