In-house Legal teams,
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Add AI to your worflows!

With e! In-house legal teams can leverage automation to streamline workflows and become strategic powerhouses. Automate repetitive tasks, free up your team for high-value work, and impress clients with faster turnaround times. Embrace automation and watch your legal department grow.

How we make your work easier

Cost Management

Use self-service tools for routine legal queries and minimize the need to external counsel

Keep control

It is not a static tool. Make changes to the system at all stages and go back to change things around

Provide more flexible services

Make your services available 24/7 as self-services.

Make your team ready for the future

Enable your your team to create their own AI-powered tools

We realized that we need a solution that enables us to react to cases quickly. We find e! very interactive and that's one of the key aspects which is important to us.

Transforming Legal Workflows with e!

ASD Digital Unlocks Efficiency with Lexemo's e! Automation

ASD Digital Unlocks Efficiency with Lexemo's e! Automation

ASD Digital’s journey with Lexemo’s e!, driving legal innovation through no-code platforms that streamline client interactions and internal operations
Sidit Streamlines Data Protection with Lexemo's e!

Sidit Streamlines Data Protection with Lexemo's e! Automation tool

Sidit implemented e! to streamline repetitive tasks, automate simple, standardized workflows, and incorporate AI to create intelligent automation.

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