Automation for Accountants and Tax Advisors.
Deliver your financial services digitally

Empower your practice with e! no-code automation tool!

Let the customized bots handle tedious tasks, freeing up valuable time for you to focus on what matters most: strategic planning and in-depth client consultations. Automation also minimizes errors, ensuring accuracy and compliance. This translates to happier clients, increased profitability, and the opportunity to transform your role from number cruncher to proactive advisor.

How can e! benefit you

Provide More Flexible Services

Make yourself-services 24-7 available

Useful Data

Realtime reports. Dashboards that display the automated processes and information

Scale Your Service

Automate and free up time to serve more clients and improve client advisory services

Third Party Tool Integration

Integrate seamlessly with your existing tools like Office 365, SharePoint, HighQ and others

We realized that we need a solution that enables us to react to cases quickly. We find e! very interactive and that's one of the key aspects which is important to us.

How we make your work easier

ASD Digital Unlocks Efficiency with Lexemo's e! Automation

ASD Digital Unlocks Efficiency with Lexemo's e! Automation

ASD Digital’s journey with Lexemo’s e!, driving legal innovation through no-code platforms that streamline client interactions and internal operations
Sidit Streamlines Data Protection with Lexemo's e!

Sidit Streamlines Data Protection with Lexemo's e! Automation tool

Sidit implemented e! to streamline repetitive tasks, automate simple, standardized workflows, and incorporate AI to create intelligent automation.

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