ASD Digital Leads the Charge in Legal Tech Innovation with e

ASD Digital, utilizing Lexemo's e! tool, has streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency. Marcus Voss highlights its use in KYC processes and internal management, establishing ASD Digital as a leader in legal tech innovation.

ASD Digital has been one of the first to utilize Lexemo’s e! in its internal operations. Marcus Voss, the managing director of ASD Digital Solutions shares his experience of working with e! and how the tool is helping them in their day-to-day business and operations.

While various platforms are offering some level of workflow creation and configuration, they mostly might feel static and limited. That’s where the need for faster development and the ability to build custom applications, such as surveys, necessitated a no-code solution. This is where e! excels. By eliminating the need for coding, e! empowers users to be more agile and responsive to their needs.

ASD Digital, a spin-off of parent company ASD Network has been utilizing e! to deliver solutions to their clients by maintaining agility without sacrificing quality. They have utilized e! to design questionnaires for Know Your Customer (KYC) activities and Anti-Money Laundering initiatives.  The team has built comprehensive applications with LEXEMO’s e! to guide users, through various processes and analyze the data to assess customer suitability.  Furthermore, e! serves as a versatile chatbot for simpler tasks that do not require engaging a lawyer such as internal policies, compliance policies, or travel policies, where instead of sifting through documents, users can simply ask questions and receive AI-powered answers through a chatbot, promoting a more interactive and user-friendly experience.

The benefits of e! for ASD Digital extends far beyond questionnaires and customer interactions. Internally, the platform streamlines company management. Need approval for expenses? e! handles it with ease.  The team even envisions using it for simple HR and IT requests, transforming these processes into a breeze.  This versatility makes e! a true game-changer for internal operations.

ASD Digital, a tech-savvy arm of ASD Network, empowers legal teams to work smarter, not harder. They assist ASD Law firms in identifying which tasks technology can tackle, freeing up professionals for more strategic work.  They also collaborate on client projects, leveraging legal tech to streamline processes and accelerate results. But ASD Digital doesn’t stop there. They extend their expertise to corporate legal departments, helping them navigate the legal tech world, develop in-house solutions, and ultimately, achieve greater efficiency.

Utilizing Lexemo’s e! they have developed their automation tools, giving legal professionals a broader tech toolbox to conquer their daily tasks.

Marcus highlights two unique features that set e! apart.  Firstly, the company’s youthful energy and rapid growth are a breath of fresh air.  Being a relatively new player (around two years old), e! isn’t weighed down by legacy systems.  This translates into a fast-paced development environment, with exciting new features landing in his inbox practically every other week.  This agility is a stark contrast to established solutions with massive customer bases.  There, individual customer influence on the development roadmap can be diluted. 

Secondly, Marcus values the collaborative spirit fostered by e! which extends beyond just feeling valued. The frequent updates themselves demonstrate e!’s commitment to user input.  With new features rolling out so often, it’s clear that e! listens to its customers and translates their feedback into improvements that benefit everyone.  This creates a win-win scenario, where Marcus’ team benefits from the collective wisdom of other users, and their input helps shape the platform for the greater good.

“One of the most impressive aspects of e! is its user-friendliness.  During internal sessions with our law firm or even with clients, we frequently introduce them to e! and assign tasks for developing their tools and bots.  The results are consistently impressive.  With just a brief introduction and a quick training session, users can readily grasp the platform and begin building their first applications.  This ease of use empowers individuals across the organization to become citizen developers, streamlining workflows and creating innovative solutions without extensive coding expertise”, Said Marcus.

ASD Digital’s partnership with Lexemo

ASD Digital’s experience with Lexemo has been overwhelmingly positive. A strong connection exists between the two teams, fostering a collaborative environment where Lexemo is receptive to the company’s ideas. This open communication is a refreshing change from traditional vendor interactions.

Lexemo’s AI integration, initially not a major focus, has become a surprising strength. Impressed by its capabilities, the company quickly leveraged Azure OpenAI to maximize its potential. Even more commendable is Lexemo’s commitment to incorporating user feedback into their development roadmap, ensuring their solutions continue to meet customer needs.

The deployment process was smooth thanks to Lexemo’s meticulous pre-deployment preparation. The subsequent training, minimal due to the platform’s user-friendliness, further empowered the team. This exemplifies the efficiency gains achievable with no-code solutions.

Lexemo’s support team consistently addresses tickets swiftly and efficiently. Interactions with them have solidified the impression of a team that values its customers and prioritizes their needs. Overall, the partnership between ASD Digital and Lexemo has been a resounding success, and they look forward to continuing this positive and collaborative journey.

While the rise of AI is undeniable, its role within the legal industry will only continue to expand.  Marcus envisions a future where e!’s no-code capabilities seamlessly integrate with AI solutions, allowing for rapid development of powerful tools that leverage the strengths of both approaches.   However, he also emphasizes the importance of robust platform solutions as a foundation for these integrations.  Ultimately, the key lies in combining the best of both worlds to create a truly comprehensive and effective solution set.

Marcus Voss is the managing director of ASD Digital Solutions, where he steers the ship with over 16 years of expertise in sales, customer success, and account management. He’s all about pushing the envelope with AI and automation to revamp legal processes, making them more efficient, cost-effective, and error-free. Marcus is deeply invested in the newest legal tech trends like smart contracts and blockchain, sharing and soaking up knowledge with fellow aficionados in the Liquid Legal Institute and the AI Guild. His goal? To boost productivity, quality, and compliance for clients worldwide.

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