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How we can help you (e! benefits)

Use AI for analyzing inbound Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) in Mergers and Acquisitions processes.

This tool ranks your text on a scale of 1 (very negative) to 10 (very positive). 

The “AI Prediction” node works its magic based on your selections. You can then choose the NDA’s duration and finally preview or generate the official NDA document. 

The amazing AI Classifier Bot can analyze any text and determine if it relates to tax or banking law!

This AI Compliance Check Bot bot is designed to verify if a company’s name matches any entries in a predefined prohibited list. Let’s get started!  

The amazing AI data extraction using the AI Output Node can simplify the extraction of data from uploaded files.

Today we’re diving into the demo AI Clause Explanation. This tool helps you understand even the trickiest clauses in seconds. 

Extend your toolbox of LLMs

You can add more powerful tools to your document analysis kit

Apply tailored models within workflows

Use these customized tools directly in your existing routines for processing documents

Integrate your fine-tuned models

Instead of just using basic tools (standard GPT models), use your own custom-made ones

Enhance efficiency and precision

Custom tools will make your document processing and automation faster and more accurate

Automate natural language processing tasks: Utilize Gen-AI tools to handle, analyze, and interpret text data.

Optimize Data Decisions: Employ statistical modelling with classification and regression tools to sharpen decision-making based on your data.

Start Smart, Scale Smartly: Begin with standard models to immediately benefit from AI-enhanced workflows. As your needs evolve, expand your capabilities by integrating custom models, adding flexibility and tailoring AI solutions to your specific requirements.

Keep control over your Data: Take full control over the information flow by integrating your own GPT- and embedding-model deployments.

Advanced Gen-AI integration

  • Take complete control over the information flow by integrating your own GPT- and embedding-model deployments.
  • Extend your toolbox of LLMs by integrating your fine-tuned models in addition to standard GPT models.
  • Apply tailor-made intelligence directly within your workflows to enhance document analysis and automation processes with precision and efficiency that standard models cannot always offer.
  • Choose a model for specific actions to meet unique workflow requirements, optimize efficiency and effectiveness across document analysis and automation processes.

Large language models (LLMs) are like having a team of experts to assist with your document processing. Imagine instead of a general consultant, you have specialists in specific areas.

Expanding your set of LLMs to include custom-tuned models alongside the usual GPT models lets you add specialized intelligence to your processes and allows you to tailor the analysis to your exact needs. This results in highly accurate and efficient information extraction and automation boosting effectiveness and precision of document automation. This is something standard models might not always handle well or can achieve.
Think of it as hiring the perfect person for the job, ensuring optimal results for your document workflows.

By choosing task-specific LLMs, you can better meet the specific needs of your workflows. Plus, structuring their outputs guarantees accurate, compatible, and reliable data.

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